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Retirement can be 1/3 of our lives – read my blog about making the most of this time.

Work, retirement and widowhood

This question was recently posted on Facebook, and raising some interesting issues about work, retirement and widowhood: “I reached full retirement age within the last

woman preparing for retirement

Preparing for retirement

How do you go about preparing for retirement?  What changes will occur in your life, and how can you adjust your lifestyle them? Will you


Lockdown in retirement

Lockdown in retirement is tough.  With half of the world in some sort of isolation, a blog about active retirement is a tough gig.  All

Start running

Running will change your life!

Run for your life! It’s never too late to start running. Jogging might be a better description, or even moving faster than your normal stroll

Attitude in retirement

Attitude in retirement

Attitude in retirement Maintaining a positive attitude in retirement is something we should all strive for – more difficult due to our current isolation problems,

woman doing a jigsaw

The benefits of a jigsaw

If you’ve got nothing to do get yourself a jigsaw. My blog highlights the joy that awaits you – and perhaps a crushing disappointment too!

be positive in retirement

Be positive

Be positive in retirement – I think  I am a pessimist by nature, but I am trying hard to be positive in retirement. I can’t