Retirement 4 U - blog posts about active retirement

Retirement can be 1/3 of our lives – read my blog about making the most of this time.

fashion for seniors

Fashion for seniors

Fashion for seniors “Fashion” and “Seniors” in the same sentence – not a phrase you will hear or read very often. Are we supposed to


Lockdown in retirement

Lockdown in retirement is tough.  With half of the world in some sort of isolation, a blog about active retirement is a tough gig.  All

Start running

Running will change your life!

Run for your life! It’s never too late to start running. Jogging might be a better description, or even moving faster than your normal stroll

woman doing a jigsaw

The benefits of a jigsaw

If you’ve got nothing to do get yourself a jigsaw. My blog highlights the joy that awaits you – and perhaps a crushing disappointment too!

be positive in retirement

Be positive

Be positive in retirement – I think¬† I am a pessimist by nature, but I am trying hard to be positive in retirement. I can’t

post it notes

Organising yourself

Be happy in retirement – get organised! This post is about organising retirement.  Many retired people say that they don’t understand how they had time