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9 Traits of Highly Motivated (Retired) People


You know a highly motivated person when you see one. They seem indefatigable in the face of a challenge and possessive of more energy than a pink bunny with a drum.  That energy was fine in a high pressured sales or business environment – are those character traits useful in retirement?


Highly motivated people are able comprehend and internalize the bigger picture. They see how their retirement fits into the progress of their life, and don’t trouble themselves with the minor inconveniences that we all have to deal with. (Aka, don’t sweat the small stuff).


With a positive vision of what could be in the future, motivated people gain energy to go about their retirement with a sense of purpose. They work towards the happy outcome they envision, in whatever task they face.


Motivated people know their strengths, and they believe in themselves. It’s easy enough, in later years, to pull on the old sweater or pants and slob around the house. Those days are fine – just not all day and every day.  Because taking care of your appearance, putting on smart clothes occasionally – they are important to your self worth.

Willingness to learn.

Successful people are always learning new skills. Unafraid of failure or embarrassment and with a can do attitude, we should still be willing to exercise our brain in retirement. New challenges, languages, hobbies – anything that gets you out of bed and leading a purposeful life is good for the soul.


Motivated retired people still have the requisite energy—mental, physical, or emotional—to move forward with their plan in the face of setbacks and bad days. The plan might be – write a book, run 5k, embroider a blanket – it matters not.  The key is to remain interested enough to finish what you started.

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People with high levels of motivation don’t just give up when the going gets tough. They buckle down and stick to their guns. There will be challenging periods, when life seems like a struggle – but there will also be days of joy and wonderment. Make the most of those days.


When you lose, don’t lose the lesson, an old adage goes. Motivated people get that. They reflect on the process and move forward with their lives. There are many challenges in retirement, and setbacks/bad decisions are par for the course.  Illness, bereavement of close relatives and friends – all major hurdles to be overcome.  What matters is how you deal with those setbacks – and rule one is don’t give up.


Motivated people also have perspective on their own strengths and weaknesses. An arrogant person will quickly run up against a wall again and again as opposing egos clash with their quest. By contrast, a humble person will have an easier time in a social environment – and friends in retirement are key to maintaining your sense of self worth and happiness.


Motivated people enjoy success and they celebrate it. It’s not about throwing it in other people’s faces, but about appreciating the hard work they have put in over the years. They also look forward to a new journey with inevitable nervousness but also a sense of anticipation and joy.


No-one would pretend that retirement needs to same levels of energy required of the 9-5.  A relaxing retirement is the goal of many of us as we struggle to cope with the stresses of a career. 

But it’s clear that people who are most successful in later life are those who find a level of motivation required to maintain self respect and positivity.

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