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My blog encourages and celebrates active retirement, where individuals make positive choices to make the most of each precious day. I share posts about fitness, health, finance, sociability, leisure, and most importantly, humor.

I also have suggestions for gift purchases, pages for my favourite sayings and poetry – and the odd whimsical post that satisfies my creative juice.

Through my blog, I hope to promote an active senior lifestyle and inspire others to get off the sofa too.

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Jokes about Aging

Jokes about aging Let's face it, none of us are here forever.  So my philosophy is to do what I can with what I've got, and not to take life too seriously.I hope you like my jokes about aging - if you do please contact  me to tell...

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poems about aging

Poems about Aging

Poems about aging There have been many memorable poems about aging over the years.  A phrase or line in a poem can connect, inspire or simply amuse - I can certainly relate to some of the sentiments expressed below.I hope you enjoy my selection - and please contact...

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